Requirements for Super Visa

We are going to discuss the compulsory requirements for a Super Visa. It is not an easy task to get visa for going to Canada. Even the tourist visa is hard to get for visiting Canada.

The requirements one has to fulfill before he/she will be issued a super visa

Invitation letter

An invitation letter is important to fill the application form. You need to carry it with you when you are going to start the process of filling up the Super Visa form.

Good health

You have to undergo a medical examination to ascertain you visit, the medical exam is conducted by a doctor or a physician who has been approved by CIC.

Health/ medical insurance is must

Valid Canadian medical insurance coverage for atleast one yaer proof is to be submitted to the immigrant officer. The information regarding the insurance rates have been shared in the following pages. Here we are enumerating the fact with our users that you need private health insurance to satisfy the application requirements of Super Visa. The visitors should know that the coverage is supposed to be for the entire stay in Canada and must cover hospitalization, repatriation, and healthcare.

Documents for application

The Documents required include all the details about you i.e. residence proof, social security etc. and information about the family living in Canada. Moreover, you will need copies of your insurance claims, tax returns, bank statements etc. be prepared with all the necessary documents such as a valid travel document, valid passport and certificate of identity. You have to provide sufficient proof for the reason you wish to visit Canada. The application fees has been lowered so it makes the travel of parents to Canada a lot easier and they can live their up to a period of 2 years. The PR visa applications takes 8 weeks for processing on an average for the issue of super visa.

Get free instant quote for super visa insurance

As a user, you are likely to face a lot of questions about the different Super Visa Insurance Options and for that, our website provides free instant quote option from where you can review and compare useful information about the policy such as benefits, prices, refund policies, and secondary benefits. You will find this in the site itself there is a separate quotes heading where you can check for the necessary details.

Income requirements for super visa

Size of,Family Unit Minimum necessary income
1 person $23,647
2 persons $29,440
3 persons $36,193
4 persons $43,942
5 persons $49,839
6 persons $56,209
7 persons $62,581

If the number of individuals goes above 7 persons than for each person, $6,362 will be added in the existing amount.

Disclaimer: you can crosscheck the figures with the CIC website. CIC does update and modeify the information available. We regularly update this information as soon as we are informed. Do check CIC site in case you want more details.

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